About Us

Working with our customers, partners, and academia to drive innovation

Legacy systems, Mobile technologies, Analytics, Cloud computing, Web and Social network have led to the creation of very strong infrastructure, an infrastructure that has helped prepare us for the next level of technological evolution shaping our world: the cognitive computing era.

This era, fueled by the digital revolution, is the beginning of a journey that will bring about an unprecedented transformation in the way businesses is conceived and done.

Blackswan Technologies with its roots in one of the most admired Intelligence agency designs its cognitive computing strategy, led by its flagship product-‘Element’ to unleash the Art of Impossible.

Monetizing your Data Today ready are our industry specific systems, products, applications and services. Our multidisciplinary products are constantly evolving digitizing, thinking, learning and self improving their ability to identify new data sources, analyse and predict occurrences.

In a world built entirely from code, algorithms and wisdom, at BlackSwan Technologies we have created a complete ecosystem to seamlessly empower organizations enhancing their competitive advantage while mitigating risks .This differentiation brings with it tremendous value to our customers.

It is now the time to join us on our journey and to realize the true Art of Possible. Helping your business generate unprecedented value whilst dramatically enhancing your competitive advantage Let us bring your organization to the 22nd century seamlessly and painlessly.