Cognitive Computing Out of Box

Let us bring your organization to the 22nd century seamlessly and painlessly.

Blackswan Technologies is a Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence Software Company. Blackswan Technologies revolutionized the data acquisition and monetisation market with its breakthrough product Element™ introducing The Intelligence of Everything.

BlackSwan's Element is a Big Data, Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Contextual Analytics system that covers the entire data life cycle, Composed of a host of multiple capabilities -spanning from data acquisition, fusion through data analysis, insights and predictions that are pre-designed, pre-integrated, pre-built and combined to perform virtually unlimited range of tasks in support of solving our partners’ most challenging and demanding problems.

The Art of Possible in managing our customers’ entire data life cycle Element is enabling organizations to access more data, make better use of data, create new business models, enhance communications with organisations’ customers and potential customers, detect wrongdoing and manage risk while generating value through the exposure of new revenue sources, trends, Predictions and unrevealed opportunities.

In contrast to software “tools” which are designed to perform one specific task or set of tasks, Element is the most comprehensive most complete system on the market today, worldwide.