True to the moto Intelligence of Everything™ Blackswan leverages its ground-breaking technologies, intelligence best practices, and deep understanding of data life cycle, to help organizations of various domains monetize their data assets. Harnessing both supervised and unsupevised Machine Learning, BlackSwan Technologies' Element is dynamically adapting to new domains, learning the governing logic, and using it to craft ever-evolving Ontologies.

The Blackswan team has mastered the knowledge to provide innovative applications, that are agnostic to market, locality and language, and are equally powerful in identifying opportunities as they are in addressing the threats to organizations in these domains.


Using the system, Blackswan Technologies developed multiple applications aiming at the financial services to do with Compliance, Risk, Due Diligence, Underwriting and personalization:

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Working with our customers, partners, and academia we're changing the way customer, insurers and reinsurers handles threats and opportunities

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The audit industry he highly labor intensive, and prone to error. With Element we are digitizing various audit processes, reducing corporate risk, and increasing operational excellence.

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BlackSwan Technologies' Element is capable of gaining actionable insights of customers, suppliers, competitors, candidates, and other entities in the eco-system of the organization

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