• Digital Element digitizes labour intensive analytics process and delivers operational value from day one
  • Actionable Element provides actionable Intelligence that is dynamically adjusted for engagements
  • Real-time Real-time capturing of multi-format data including natural language
  • Big-Data Scalable Unlimited scalability including Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, Value, Visualization
  • Novel Algorithms Automatic and dynamic process of building a knowledge tree on a specific topic or entity. This is an actual ontology describing entities, properties and relationships

A Paradigm Shift In Analytics-Enabled Decisioning Elementâ„¢ is a revolutionary breakthrough in Cognitive Computing that leads to data-enabled competitive advantage. It will help you answer the most complex business questions, uncover patterns or emerging trends and seek breakthrough ideas that will change your business for the better.

The Sensory Hub

The Sensory Hub is fully automatic, and is focused on immediate processing of Data In Motion. It includes ingesting raw data arriving from a multitude of sources, normalizing it, persisting it, and applying policies where immediate action is required.

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The Cognitive Hub

The Cognitive Hub continuously monitors ingested information in order to enrich its knowledge, identify impact on its semantic networks, and detect potential business implications .

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The Discovery Hub

The Discovery Hub is focused on the human interaction with the investigation process. The Hub facilitates the work of the analyst on the information processed by the system.

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The Management Hub

This is where Element unifies all of the policies and logic of the organization in a centralized location.

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