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BlackSwan Technologies

Legacy systems, mobile technologies, analytics, cloud computing, the Web and social networks have led to the creation of a strong infrastructure, one which has helped prepare us for the next phase of technological evolution shaping our world: the Cognitive Computing Era. This era will bring about an unprecedented transformation in the way business is conducted, turning massive volumes of data and interaction into real-time situational awareness and new forms of business insight.

Blackswan Technologies offers its flagship software, ELEMENT™, to serve as an Enterprise A.I. Operating System™ that drives the Cognitive Computing Era. To us, “A.I” refers to the Augmentation and Acceleration of an organization’s Intelligence, multiplying the decision-making capabilities and impact of one’s employees. ELEMENT’s leading-edge computational engines and straightforward customization allow it to be tailored to any enterprise or commercial software effort that demands enhanced intelligence.


ELEMENT also comes pre-configured as ready applications for a variety of industry-specific functions, to yield rapid ROI from Cognitive Computing Out of the Box. Clients are discovering performance improvements in revenue and operational key performance indicators of 20% to 100%, as early as during initial pilot implementations.

The company was founded in 2014 by a visionary executive and entrepreneur with a background at Oracle in national and cyber security applications, as well as at a governmental intelligence agency. He formed a core team that has grown to include a world expert in natural language processing, a co-author of the book “Towards Data Science,” and a quantitative financial analyst at Bank of America. The team took several years to perfect the cognitive computing capabilities in ELEMENT with leading global enterprises, before commercially releasing the application in 2018. We have been highlighted in KPMG/H2 Ventures’ rankings as a rising star in our field.

The company serves enterprise-level clients worldwide, both directly and through an expanding set of blue-chip delivery and consulting partners. We maintain a primary presence in Israel, the UK, US, and India.

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