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AI operating system

Enabling the Democratisation of Digital Transformation

As an enterprise operating in a data rich ecosystem you struggle to break the barriers of both data acquisition and data monetization. An Enterprise AI Operating System can efficiently access a wide range of data and generate business intelligence, powerful decisioning, situational awareness and predictions – right at your fingertips, all in a stunning visual display.



Disrupting the enterprise business application market with ELEMENT™

Leveraging AI and context search engine to build a system that continuously evolves, digitizes, learns, and self improves its ability to analyze and predict occurrences

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Unparalleled capabilities

ELEMENT™ is composed of a host of capabilities addressing data acquisition and fusion through analysis, insight discovery and predictions. The capabilities can be combined to perform a virtually unlimited range of tasks that address our customers’ most critical business challenges.

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Addressing all of your pain points

Enterprises face challenges that impact both the bottom-line and the top-line. ELEMENT™ is an AI digital transformation platform, that continuously evolves, digitizes, learns, and self improves its ability to analyze, predict and address occurrences of these challenges.

How we differ


ELEMENT™ has proved its ability to deliver rapid ROI, with clients seeing Performance improvements in revenue and operational key performance indicators of 20% to 100%, as early as during initial pilot implementations.


We empower our customers to stay elastic and dynamic as the market evolves. ELEMENT™ is a complete whitebox product allowing full configuration of every aspect from data acquisition via enterprise processes to the AI algorithm. Our engineers heavily invested in designed and execution of ELEMENT™ resulting in an elastic enterprise system that requires almost No Code but system configuration


The client retains full control and ownership of data and models drastically reducing any risk. A centralized console allows the manager to configure the application(s), control access, monitor tasks and control user access.


With Blackswan, you can add new applications, and even build your own, without the need for costly integrations or risk of data corruption. Applications built on ELEMENT™ platform become embedded within an enterprise’s DNA, enabling advanced decisioning capabilities across the entire organization with intelligently curated information – available instantly at one’s fingertips.


Being a product, and not a service asset, translates to much lower Total Cost of Ownership. We will typically deliver the first prototypes within 3 weeks and have a production ready solution in 26 weeks.


Key underlying ELEMENT™ technologies are integrated in one single platform, allowing for a rapid creation of applications that address full scope of needs across the client’s business. This effectively means that there is no risk to implementation process or incompatibility with existing systems; and the deployment time is reduced drastically to mere weeks.

About BlackSwan Technologies

BlackSwan Technologies is a SaaS Product company. Its Flagship product ELEMENT is a cognitive operating system that enables rapid development of Enterprise AI-Driven applications. ELEMENT is the foundation that can be used by enterprises across multiple industries to build robust AI applications, tools and workflows. With hundreds of pre-configured data fetchers, analytical functions, models and user interface components, element makes heavy use of knowledge graphs and a range of Machine Learning techniques to help companies improve outcomes and reduce costs.

BlackSwan ELEMENT is trusted by some of the largest, fastest, and most innovative companies in the world.