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In a connected world, both threats and opportunities are closer than ever

Ever increasing regulator-imposed fines, are amplifying the dilemmas of corporate officers, thatmust minimize exposure, without impacting business.While the amount of data collected by financial organizations is unpresented, they find utilizing that data an impossible mission. As a result, such organizations losebusiness, giving up of viable clientele, while allowing delinquentcustomers to suffice, and may be missing the opportunity to offer timely remedies to customers before risks materialize.

BlackSwan Technologies'flagship Cognitive system ‘Element' represents a paradigm shift for data intensive entities and Enterprises. The system seamlessly embeds horizontally all aspects of Big Data, NLP, AI and Cognitive computing capabilities. Enabling the finance industry to unleash its true potential to mitigate multiple facets of risk and cost while generating opportunities, leads and value.

Using the system, BlackSwan Technologies developed multiple applications aiming at the financial services to do with Compliance, Risk, Due Diligence, Underwriting and personalization:

ELEMENT of Compliance

Application covering the entire compliance processaddressing regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF), while increasing business viability. Learn More


Detecting and quantifying different aspects of risk related to the financial institution operation, recommending policies for risk mitigation, and promoting offerings to address them. Learn More

ELEMENT of Fraud

By creating a contextual understanding of the business environment in real-time, this application discovers sophisticated patterns of potential fraud across entities, time and space. It’s the next generation of Fraud Intelligence. Learn More

ELEMENT of Marketing

Gain new insights into customer behavior while personalising their experience throughout the customer journey. Learn More