Changing the way customers, insurers and reinsurers handles threats and opportunities

Working with our customers, partners, and academia we're changing the way customers, insurers and reinsurers handles threats and opportunities

Decreasing margins in are leading insurers to seek ways to better their business. Insurance is all about risk avoidance, and risk avoidance is all about data availability.

At BlackSwan Technologies, we strive to increase insurers visibility to risks directly or indirectly impacting insured entities and potential clientele. Using a multitude of restricted and open sources BlackSwan Technologies' Element can identify entities, analyze the risks associated with them, and promote strategies that can mitigate these risks.

Amongst the applications developed using Element for the insurance domain are:

ELEMENT of Insurance

Reducing risk while more compellingly engaging customers, this application empowers the underwriting function to operate strategically in its collaboration with product development, distribution, quoting, claims processing and customer service. Learn More

ELEMENT of Insurance - Cyber Edition

Insuring against cyber-threats is a growing market need, yet the nature of the threats is becoming more complex. This application extends ELEMENT of Insurance to include a Cyber-Threat Intelligence Hub, which coordinates external updates and internal processes to keep business functions and customers apprised of new threats and actions they can take. Learn More


Detecting and quantifying different aspects of risk related to insured entities, based on their type, domain and method of operation, and recommend the policies that best match these risks mitigation. Learn More

ELEMENT of Marketing

Gain new insights into customer behavior while personalising their experience throughout the customer journey. Learn More

Individualized Policy Fitting

Cognitive computing based chatbots use Natural Language Processing to interact with customers, and allow them to individualize policies to their own unique needs.