Intelligence of Everything™

BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ challenges the conventions of transforming data into knowledge, combining all available sources of information with Cognitive Computing capabilities automatically to infer insights and enhance the decision-making abilities of your enterprise.

Data is the new natural resource of the world, enabling quick development of a competitive edge. While available data grows massively in volume and at an increased velocity, 80% of data available to organizations goes unexploited. It’s been found that those using data most effectively can gain up to 1,300% in ROI.

The key lies in realizing the potential embedded within the variety of available data, in your organisation and outside of it, and transforming it into the insights and actions required to drive the enterprise forward.


Introducing the Intelligence of Everything™

Blackswan Technologie's ELEMENT helps organisations fully leverage the data they already possess, as well as collect new types of data from unlimited sources. This enables enterprises to formulate optimal decisions and ultimately act and predict more effectively, thus evolving into “cognitive organisations.”

A cognitive organisation is one that incorporates up-to-the-minute information, continuously generates insights and predictions from that information, and changes the way stakeholders like customers, suppliers, users and partners interact with those insights. This generates substantial value through the realisation of new revenue sources and market-leading business models. Participate in our vision for the future - the Intelligence of Everything™ - by learning more about ELEMENT.

ELEMENT’s Value Proposition hg

  • Big-Data Scalable - Unlimited scalability including Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, Value, Visualization.
  • Real-time - Real-time capturing of multi-format data including natural language processing.
  • Digital - Element digitizes labour-intensive analytics process and delivers operational value from day one.
  • Actionable - Element provides actionable Intelligence that is dynamically adjusted for engagements.