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Intelligence of Everything

BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ challenges the conventions of transforming data into knowledge, combining all available sources of information with Cognitive Computing capabilities automatically to infer insights and enhance the decision-making abilities of your enterprise.

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True to the motto Intelligence of Everything™, Blackswan Technologies leverages its ground-breaking technology stack, intelligence best practices and deep understanding of data life cycle to help organizations in a range of industries monetize their data assets. Harnessing both supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning, BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ dynamically adapts to new domains, learning the governing logic and using it to craft ever-evolving Ontologies.

The Blackswan Technologies team has mastered the knowledge needed to deliver innovative applications that are agnostic to market, locality and language, and which are equally powerful in identifying opportunities as they are in addressing threats to organizations in these domains.

Based on ELEMENT™, Blackswan Technologies has developed multiple applications aimed at financial services’ core activities in compliance, risk, due diligence, and customer personalization.

Using ELEMENT™ for Insurance, insurance enterprises can leverage any data for more accurate outcomes, provide elevated insights to facilitate decision-making, increase productivity and employee performance and drive new revenue opportunities with customer intelligence

ELEMENT™ based applications augment intelligence for any function of an enterprise, correlating internal information processed with external information, to derive actionable insights about customers, suppliers, competitors, candidates, and other entities in the ecosystem of any organization.

BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ delivers rapid RoI through cognitive computing applications configured for specific industries and business functions. At the same time, ELEMENT™ is a highly scalable and customizable platform that serves as your Enterprise A.I. Operating System™. This ‘operating system’ is engineered for efficient access to wide range of data – whether at rest or […]


Delivering tangible results every time – ranging from reduction of risk and costs to better customer experience and new business opportunities identification.

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Modernization of a tier-1 bank replacing multiple legacy systems with PaaS based applications – demonstrates multi-purpose, digital transformation inside a highly regulated data-intensive organization[...]

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Next generation FIU technology PaaS for ventures brands (outperforms legacy systems using paid sources) – demonstrating advanced data source integration and rapidity of deployment[...]

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KYC Utility – demonstrating modular, cross-functional nature of ELEMENT as part of a combined SaaS and Managed Service provision[...]

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A global bank addresses the risks and costs of conventional data sources and fragmented approaches to KYC and AML. Using BlackSwan’s ELEMENT™ of Compliance, operational costs are reduced by over 50% a[...]

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