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Data Privacy

As data privacy becomes a greater concern for consumers and employees, Gartner estimates that by 2023, 65% of the world’s population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations, up from 10% in 2020. Recently introduced rules, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have already exposed organisations to expensive fines. To mitigate the risks of privacy violations and to avoid costly penalties, it is essential for organisations to be proactive in implementing best practices for data protection. Sophisticated companies are already working toward a unified, enterprise-wide data protection strategy. 

With the growing shortage of privacy professionals and the increasing caseload covering privacy requests and actions, AI is playing a central role in data privacy governance, closing the data privacy skills gap and reducing the workload of employees. BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™, a PaaS/SaaS offering trusted by leading organisations around the world, is ideal for enterprises seeking to leverage AI. ELEMENT™ also fulfils requirements for large-scale data integration, situational risk assessments, data visualization and case workflow handling, to address enterprise-level challenges including data privacy management. Explore a selection of relevant privacy capabilities below:


Gain Oversight of All Personal Data

Capture personal data from a myriad of structured and unstructured data sources, respecting privacy and opt-in requirements

ELEMENT™ recognises protected personal information from any data source within an organisation, in structured formats, such as CRM and transaction records, and unstructured formats, such as emails and phone transcripts. To the extent your organization compiles individuals’ information from third-party sources, such as advertisers or social media, this also can be regulated. This coverage enables organisations to achieve full data transparency and ready access to privacy-relevant data stored across all of its systems, empowering customers, employees and partners to have full control over their information. 


Visualize Personal Data Links in Real-Time 

Derive a comprehensive graphical representation of the connections between individuals, their activities and personal data

ELEMENT™ fully captures the complex relationships between profile data and information about activities and related parties, using a sophisticated knowledge graph. The system automatically can cross-correlate personal data to the identity of the respective individual, and consolidate identities when different information sources contain alternative data, such as different addresses. This streamlines the fulfilment of Data Subject Rights (DSR) requests. As a result, organisations are able to more efficiently uphold customer and employee data privacy rights.


Uncover Valuable Personal Data Insights

Categorise personal data based on sensitivity and criticality, and identify the privacy laws and regulations that govern them

ELEMENT™ can classify personal data based on the level of risk that unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction poses, to determine the baseline security controls and degree of oversight required. The system can also analyse the recognised personal data and tag each item with the privacy laws and regulations that govern them, thereafter indexing the data in a retrieval engine capable of smart querying in accordance with privacy legislation. Advanced data visualization formats allow your team to obtain a real-time, high-level assessment of compliance and exposure. 


Tackle Data Privacy Cases Efficiently

Address personal data requests and incidents with ease, and fully control personal data access authorisation

ELEMENT™ is capable of triggering situational data privacy alerts, initiating workflows that route cases to the responsible employees or triggering automated notifications, and restricting data access on a need-to-know basis. Its sophisticated AI engine can assess the magnitude of data privacy risks and cases, and the built-in case management module allows users to track the status of individual privacy requests with a visually-rich dashboard. 


Inquire about BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™, the only seamlessly-integrated, highly scalable, enterprise AI platform you’ll need for Data Privacy Management and related uses, including customer segmentation, market intelligence, advanced due diligence, customer life cycle management, Know Your Customer and related compliance.

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