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Government agencies are expected to tackle new challenges while delivering robust and efficient services. However, outdated systems have constrained or delayed innovation. The growing demand for more impactful and constituent-centric public services has made digital transformation crucial to fulfilling departments’ mandates. 

Advanced AI technologies already are gaining adoption in the public sector. Deloitte anticipates that AI spending from federal governments across the globe will grow around 44% between 2020 and 2022. Government agencies are already using these tools to predict crime, limit the spread of health epidemics, and reduce traffic congestion. Moreover, AI, coupled with digital workflows, better data management, and user-centred design, greatly enhance the social services delivery experience, while relieving government workers from repetitive tasks.  Deloitte estimates that AI could free up to 1.2 billion federal working hours with a potential annual savings of $41.1 billion in the U.S. alone.

BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ for Public Sector is a customisable, AI-driven platform suitable for government departments looking to accelerate digital transformation in order to deliver more impactful and efficient services. It’s trusted by enterprises around the world with the most stringent requirements for advanced intelligence, adaptability and time-to-deployment, ease-of-administration, security/privacy and ROI. Below are examples of ELEMENT™ for Public Sector’s capabilities ideal for government departments providing social services:


Dynamic Personalization of Services

Capture data about individuals and businesses, and unlock insights to provide more personalised services and improve user experiences

Government agencies can leverage ELEMENT™ for Public Sector to analyse behavioural patterns in order to identify user segments and predict adoption of services. It further allows departments to customise the self-service experience by providing recommended user pathways and constituent support suggestions. ELEMENT™ can also help government departments to determine required actions expeditiously as customer-facing agents or chabots interact with citizens to provide assistance, thereby reducing labour costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Also customisable are administrative case-handling dashboards and workflows to efficiently process a constituent’s requests and data visualisation layouts to provide instant feedback on an overall situation. Together, these tools dramatically improve insights and shorten handling time for complex situations that demand intervention, e.g. following up on occurrences and causes of missed payments.

Resource Allocation Optimisation

Analyse neighbourhood and demographic data to predict demands for government resources and optimise resource allocation for maximum impact

ELEMENT™ for Public Sector can enable to ensure more equitable and efficient allocation of resources by leveraging up-to-the-minute data to inform decisions. The platform can utilise predictive analytics to analyse government data in combination with information from any published external sources, in order to forecast the demand for resources in a particular geographical area. The platform also can utilise machine learning to identify citizens who are at a higher risk of encountering social issues by evaluating demographic variables, such as precise location, homeownership, education level, employment status and income in order to tailor local initiatives and resources. By using machine learning to trace the dynamics of neighbourhood growth, ELEMENT™ can predict longer-term needs social services, including education, transportation and healthcare. 


Identity Verification & Enrichment with Advanced Fraud Detection

Efficiently build comprehensive records about constituents while alerting staff to potential claims anomalies

Considerable time is consumed acquiring, keying in, searching and correlating information about an individual or business, in order to provide services. ELEMENT™ for Public Sector builds a master “knowledge graph” that helps automate the process of collecting missing data via in-person or automated online queries. Meanwhile, it compares variations in data points – such as address, employment or business status – across accessible databases and public sources of information and assesses which data values are the most timely and accurate. ID verification can be further enriched through the compilation of images and biometrics from third-party intelligence capture systems, wherever permissible. 

With ELEMENT™, machine learning is applied to the dataset of constituent profiles and services requests, along with examples of anomalies – notably attempts at fraudulent activity – to learn the many complex activity patterns that suggest attempted fraud or other potential issues. Parties and transactions that are considered a risk can be flagged and automatically ranked for predicted impact. The machine learning engine plus a dynamic rules-based feature in ELEMENT™ automatically generates alerts to staff and optionally initiates case dossiers and investigatory handling workflows.

Using ELEMENT™ for Public Sector, government agencies benefit from the most comprehensive data connectivity, multiple AI technologies that business analysts can apply and interpret, and fully customisable user interface and logic, combined with highest-grade security, privacy and governance controls.


BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ for Public Sector is a complete enterprise AI-driven platform that can be customized to support multiple government use cases, including Revenue Services, Law Enforcement, National Security and Border Control. 


Detecting and quantifying different aspects of risk related to an enterprise operation, recommending policies for risk mitigation, and promoting offerings to address them.


A complete framework to support the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis and production of digital data in order to sustain mission critical business processes.

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