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The future of intelligent insurance

Drive operational efficiencies, reduce risk and unlock new opportunities with revolutionary intelligence

The insurance industry is at the inflection point, facing an exponential increase in the complexity of decision making.

  • Rapidly rising amounts of data to process
  • Information overload and decision-making complexity
  • Heightened customer expectations for innovation and segmentation
  • Low interest rates and economic pressures
  • Loopholes in fraud detection
  • Labor-intensive claim processes that take months to finish

This is the time when augmented intelligence and new technologies will become a key competitive differentiator in the insurance industry. Blackswan Technologies ELEMENT™ of Insurance changes the game for deploying big data and A.I. capabilities quickly, allowing your enterprise to redefine market leadership.

ELEMENT™ of Insurance

An industry-customized version of ELEMENT™, the world’s first Enterprise A.I. Operating System that leverages leading-edge capabilities in big data, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and contextual analytics to transform insurance enterprises. 

Leverage data for more accurate outcomes

Insurance companies mostly rely on the static data categories to assess risk.

ELEMENT™ of Insurance completely revolutionizes this process, enriching the existing internal information with vast variety of data, both structured and unstructured, open and restricted to build a dynamic, up-to-date picture of inquirer’s situation, executive staff, relationships with third parties, and pertinent transactions. 

Provide elevated insight to facilitate decision-making

Using machine learning technology we help insurers to increase visibility to risks directly or indirectly impacting insured entities and potential clientele. ELEMENT™ algorithms can reliably identify patterns in the data and provide “at a glance” visual depiction of the most important transactions, external changes, and threats that affect the customer’s situation makes helping to recognise risks and improve fraud detection.

Increase productivity and employee performance

ELEMENT™ of Insurance instantly delivers massive productivity gains by allowing you to shift staff focus from low-skill administrative work to high value account management, all while maximizing volume. By putting all the timely and accurate data right in front of the agent we empower employees to go beyond data gathering to fast, accurate conclusions and actions  – in weeks instead of months or years.

Drive new revenue opportunities with customer intelligence

ELEMENT™ enables insurance companies to gain unprecedented insights into customer behaviour allowing enterprises to not only better predict fraud but also enhance their revenue models. We deliver a data-driven 360-degree view of customers enabling enterprises to build better marketing campaigns, more effective cross and up-selling, more personalised products and more targeted pricing. More than that, with ELEMENT™ insurance companies are able to drastically improve customer experience through each stage of their journey – from prospecting, to on-boarding, to policy management; reinforcing customer loyalty and retention rates. 

Insurance companies, their products and business models are undergoing major transformation. Learn how we can help your business to stay ahead of the curve (links to sub-industries for insurance)

– Property & Casual Insurers

– Insurance Carriers

– Re-insurers

Use cases

The insights from ELEMENT™ of Insurance can be incorporated across the entire enterprise – from underwriting and product development to risk monitoring, claims processing, marketing, customer service, and beyond – empowering the entire organisation to make smarter business decisions, faster than ever before. (links to applications for insurance, boxes with longer text appearing once you get the cursor to the box)

ELEMENT™ of Compliance

Delivering an end-to-end financial crimes compliance process and leveraging advanced AI, this application addresses requirements for Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, Watchlist Screening, Adverse Media Monitoring, and Transaction Monitoring & Intelligence, while dramatically increasing operational efficiencies.


This application covers the entire underwriting process from identifying and quantifying the risks and exposure associated with potential clients, through negotiating with the customer on coverage cost, to analyzing complete markets, and beyond

About BlackSwan Technologies

BlackSwan Technologies is reinventing enterprise software through Agile Intelligence for the Enterprise – a fusion of data, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies that provides unparalleled business value. Our multi-tiered enterprise offerings include the award-winning platform-as-a-service, ELEMENT™, which enables organizations to build enterprise AI applications at scale for any domain quickly and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. BlackSwan and its global partners also provide industry-proven applications that are ready-made and fully customisable for rapid ROI. These offerings are generating billions of dollars in economic value through digital transformation at renowned global brands. The private company maintains gravity centers in the UK, Europe, Israel, the US, and Sri Lanka.