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The use of AI to support investment strategies is not new, however private equity and venture capital firms have yet to benefit from it.

ELEMENT™ offers smart investors in depth understanding of individual companies, public or private, constructing a knowledge graph of all relevant entities to the company, including stakeholders, clientele, suppliers, competitors, etc. ELEMENT™ further exposes any interdependencies, between these entities, and all transactions taking place, to evaluate how these impact the company value, and exposing any temporal opportunities or points of leverage.

ELEMENT™ offers the same at the market level, sorting through hundreds of millions of companies, to learn how these markets behave, when positive or negative trends are taking place, or of any anomalies in the information.

Market Intelligence

The first autonomous, continuously-evolving index of companies with comprehensive, customisable profiles and analysis.

Financial Crime (Fraud)

By creating a contextual understanding of the business environment in real-time, this application discovers sophisticated patterns of potential fraud across entities, time and space. It’s the next generation of Fraud Intelligence.

Enhanced Due Diligence

ELEMENT™ EDD goes beyond regulated due diligence, by intemically understanding potential customers business, to find potential risks and opportunities.

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