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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are confronted with increasingly complex criminal activities and policing requirements. Moreover, London’s Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime estimates that more than 90% of reported crime now has a digital element. These trends demand that law enforcement adopt more advanced technology solutions. According to UNICRI, AI in particular is set to significantly advance law enforcement’s capabilities, with many countries, provinces/states and larger municipalities exploring its applications.

BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT for Public Sector is a customisable, AI-driven platform suitable for law enforcement agencies looking to modernise operations by utilising more sophisticated technologies, while addressing data privacy and security concerns. The low/no code platform enables law enforcement agencies to design and complete proofs of concept and pilots, which integrate with existing policing systems and processes, within days to weeks. Below are examples of ELEMENT for Public Sector’s capabilities tailored to law enforcement:


Situational Awareness

Monitor digital spaces to extract and interpret local situational information and cyber activity

Since many incidents involve a digital element, there is a growing need to monitor activity and review evidence from digital spaces. ELEMENT for Public Sector enables law enforcement agencies to extract situational information by parsing data from digital media, including social media and dark sites, in order to provide officers with a complete, real-time picture of what’s happening locally and online. The platform utilises natural language processing and contextual analytics to interpret conversations, including electronic messages and conversation transcripts. Then, machine learning can be applied to recognise complex interactions among large numbers of participants that may be associated with illicit behaviour. ELEMENT automatically generates alerts and routes cases to the appropriate staff.  Meanwhile, data visualisation provides an instant overview of the situation by parameters including geo-location, and classification of individuals and activities. The AI-driven insights can be combined with the assessments of specialized experts who are situated remotely and are provided secure access to the intelligence platform.


Predictive Modelling for Resource Allocation

Forecast crime propensity to determine the optimal presence

According to Accenture, crime is becoming more unpredictable, as more of it occurs in areas historically deemed safe — from schools to churches and suburbs. However, by utilising advanced AI, law enforcement agencies can more accurately predict the propensity for crime in particular neighbourhoods. Law enforcement agencies can leverage ELEMENT for Public Sector to uncover hidden patterns in the data, including crime reports, community surveys, demographics and local business trends, so as to make sense of the complex confluence of factors that precede a greater volume of incidents. This allows agencies to use more analytical rigour when determining the optimal police patrol presence as well as supporting social services needed. 


Officer Training

Proactively identify training and remediation needs based on behaviour

Police rightfully look to personal interactions and fundamental performance measures to evaluate the conduct, skills and ethics of its officers. ELEMENT for Public Service’s AI capabilities can take this evaluation further, by compiling all available data about an officer’s activities and comparing it with others’ development tracks. This allows machine learning to identify patterns which suggest an officer would perform well on a promotion track, or alternatively, that their field behaviour may require remediation to meet department standards. ELEMENT augments the intelligence of your departmental management, highlighting opportunities and risks to staff development that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Holistic Data Compilation & Information-Centric Collaboration

Capture data from multiple sources to unlock valuable insights, and share access across multiple agencies to enrich the data

Law enforcement agencies can become overwhelmed by the explosive growth of recorded data – data that is often hard to access and translate into new insights. Now, they can utilise ELEMENT to efficiently harness this information. The platform allows agencies to integrate data from numerous internal and external sources — in both structured (i.e., data points) and unstructured (natural language) formats — and stores the data in a central knowledge repository, which automatically updates in real-time. ELEMENT’s built-in knowledge graph can supplement investigatory processes by identifying relationships between the parties involved based on a set of customisable attributes. ELEMENT also facilitates collaboration across investigators and agencies, via its ability to securely extend information access to trusted partner organisations, through situation-monitoring data visualisation and case-handling dashboards. Robust data governance allows an organisation to control which roles and which individuals access specific information, record each modification, audit the source of each data point, and assess the likely accuracy of multiple sources. 


BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT for Public Sector is a complete enterprise AI-driven platform that can be customized to support multiple government use cases, including Social Services, National Security, and Border Control.



Detecting and quantifying different aspects of risk related to an enterprise operation, recommending policies for risk mitigation, and promoting offerings to address them.


A complete framework to support the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis and production of digital data in order to sustain mission critical business processes.

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