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Manifested as a Digital Transformation system, ELEMENT™ offers multiple applications aiming at other industries:

Real Estate

Real estate management firms, brokers and private lenders have witnessed the rise of Proptech, which has encouraged them to adopt new technologies and revised business models. Artificial Intelligence-based tools help commercial real estate organisations with market insights, customer relationships and operational efficiencies. Read More

Build Your Own Application

BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ delivers rapid RoI through cognitive computing applications configured for specific industries and business functions. At the same time, ELEMENT™ is a highly scalable and ready for composable approach.  Read More

About BlackSwan Technologies

BlackSwan Technologies is a SaaS Product company. Its Flagship product ELEMENT is a cognitive operating system that enables rapid development of Enterprise AI-Driven applications. ELEMENT is the foundation that can be used by enterprises across multiple industries to build robust AI applications, tools and workflows. With hundreds of pre-configured data fetchers, analytical functions, models and user interface components, element makes heavy use of knowledge graphs and a range of Machine Learning techniques to help companies improve outcomes and reduce costs.

BlackSwan ELEMENT is trusted by some of the largest, fastest, and most innovative companies in the world.