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Revenue & Customs

Government revenue service organisations are not only charged with thoroughly, efficiently and even-handedly performing the collections function. These departments — at a national, state/province, and city/municipality level — achieve their highest aspirations through personalised interactions with constituents, and transparent planning and reporting. 

AI enables revenue services departments to make significant strides on all these fronts. BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ for Public Sector is a customisable, AI-driven platform suitable for government organisations looking to substantially improve revenue, efficiencies and constituent satisfaction. It’s an enterprise-class offering, trusted by the world’s most sophisticated organisations. The platform enables non-technical analysts and managers to design proofs of concept – developed within hours – through to fully customised and integrated organization-wide applications.

Below are examples of how ELEMENT for Public Sector can enhance the Revenue Services function:


Algorithmic Tax Enforcement and Fraud Detection

Prioritize tax collection opportunities and focus areas for audits

According to The Washington Post, governments around the world are losing $427 billion each year to tax avoidance and evasion. Revenue service agencies can address this by utilising algorithmic enforcement methods to identify tax collection opportunities and detect tax fraud. ELEMENT for Public Sector can utilise machine learning algorithms to identify tax returns that are likely to result in a change to taxpayers’ liability through audits, by discovering similar patterns in vast, historical data sets. The platform can enrich the departments’ information with available data from other sources to assess, for example, whether the financial activity of an entity justifies non-profit status. The platform’s knowledge graph represents information about the parties involved in ongoing tax investigations to identify relationships with other suspect parties, while providing transparency as to how the model functions. Case dashboard and data visualisation features, combined with highest-grade security, facilitate collaboration with other agencies. 


Smart Guidance for Taxpayers

Detect unintentional filing errors and encourage on-time payments

Although tax filing can be time-consuming and complicated, intelligently guiding taxpayers through the process can greatly improve efficiency and constituent satisfaction. Revenue services departments can use ELEMENT to easily define rules that vet entries, or automatically identify patterns in data entry, across forms, that suggest incorrect entries. In automated mode, such validation can occur in real-time when a submitter interacts with a website/app or when the filing is received by the department. This automation support is provided by ELEMENT on a processing volume scale that simply is infeasible with consumer tax software. In addition to guidance for correcting submissions, reminders to file are valuable for many taxpayers. ELEMENT can observe and learn which types of alerts – emails, text, phone notifications, letters – and which penalty arrangements are most effective in generating a response from parties with particular demographics or past behaviour. This markedly reduces collections efforts, while offering a more customer-centric approach to interactions.


Customs Declarations Verification

Flag suspicious documentation

Similar to tax fraud detection, customs declarations verification is another high-ROI application within revenue services for AI. ELEMENT’s machine learning can detect complex patterns of information, across all of a party’s filed documents over an extended period of time, that are associated with forgery or other illicit behaviour. System users have transparency into the probable accuracy of the finding and the specific information that led to such a conclusion.  ELEMENT further can be used to identify and incorporate additional information sources that can enrich the customs filing information and reduce the rate of false negatives and positives. …For more customs-related AI examples, read our website’s Industries section for Public Sector / Border Control.


Efficient Data Collection

Categorise correspondence and optimise data compilation

ELEMENT for Public Sector automatically can categorise correspondence using natural language processing and contextual analytics, thereby enabling tax collection staff to immediately batch together inquiries by response type. When following up on a particular inquiry or open case, users can be guided to the most productive data collection next steps. Such steps may include live interaction with a tax filer, collection and processing of documentation, or having ELEMENT itself enrich the data file with publicly available information. 


BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ for Public Sector is a complete enterprise AI-driven platform that can be customized to support multiple government use cases, including Border Control, Law Enforcement, National Security, and Social Services.



Detecting and quantifying different aspects of risk related to an enterprise operation, recommending policies for risk mitigation, and promoting offerings to address them.


A complete framework to support the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis and production of digital data in order to sustain mission critical business processes.

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