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"אלינוער אוליאל: "הבינה המלאכותית לומדת ומפעילה את הצרכן סמנכ"לית Blackswan, המתמחה בניתוח התנהגות משתמשים ברשת, הסבירה בוועידת e-Commerce של "כלכליסט" כיצד ניתן להשתמש ב-AI כדי לשפר ביצועי מכירות. "אנו בדור שבו לתוכן יש הקשר רב שיכול להניע את הצרכנים", אמרה...Read More

OCBC Bank's Open Vault paves the way for startup pilots The two companies - BlackSwan Technologies and Silent Eight - were part of the second Fintech Accelerator Programme run by OCBC Bank’s innovation unit, The Open Vault. Taken together, the startups automate the process of researching customer profiles and analysing suspicious transaction flows between counterparties. At OCBC, this work is currently carried out manually by an internal compliance analyst, with the total time required lasting between one hour and a few days...Read More

2016 FINTECH100 Leading Global Fintech Innovators The Fintech100 are those companies using technology to their best advantage and driving disruption within the financial services industry. These companies have a commitment to excellence, superior customer experience and a demonstrated ability to do something in a market better than everyone else.
The Fintech100 includes the leading 50 fintech companies across the globe, and the most intriguing 50 ‘Emerging Stars’ – exciting new fintechs with bold, disruptive and potentially game-changing ideas...Read More