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BlackSwan Technologies is honored to be working with some of the best, well-known organisations around the world and across industries. In addition to support from our delivery services, technology and data science teams, customers also have access to our online Knowledge Center.  

If you cannot find what you’re looking for, you can always reach us using the contact page! Contact Us


I have an idea for the perfect niche for ELEMENT! Are you looking to partner?

BlackSwan Technologies is actively looking to establish value-added partnerships.

If you have a perfect understanding of your market, and master how to sell and deliver in it, this may be the beginning of a wonderful journey together.

Contact us at partners@blackswan-technologies.com and we will guide you through our Partner Onboarding program.

ELEMENT looks great, any way I can try it out?

We offer a community license that allows you to test the water, and a limited commercial license that will allow you to run paid PoCs using the platform.

Drop us a note on sales@blackswan-technologies.com and will get you up to speed.

I came up with a killer app, can you tailor make an AI algorithm for me?

You’re in the right place. With ELEMENT you can build your own application, and embed in it whatever AI algorithm that best fits your business. Our community license should allow you to construct a working demonstrator in a couple of weeks’ time, and prove your application rocks!

Once you feel happy with the results, shift to a limited commercial license which will allow you to engage with customers.

Contact us at sales@blackswan-technologies.com and we’ll get you started

How come I never heard of you before?

Well, we’ve been busy building ELEMENT, and kept in stealth mode until we decided it is the best thing in the market.

But now we are ready to make some noise!