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On-Air Promotion Optimisation



  • Improving promotion effectiveness and optimising cross-campaign efficiency by creating personalised micro-segments
  • Enabling the network to achieve a Digital Transformation leap, by utilising ELEMENT’s revolutionary Knowledge Graph technology to represent viewer interests and behaviours
  • Lowering Total Cost of Ownership by shifting to OPEX, using Low Code PaaS over cloud infrastructure

Optimisation of on-air promotion for a large international TV network, utilising AI to automatically micro-segment customers and programming for advertising targeting



The network based its on-air promotion (OAP) strategy on traditional target–audience segmentation, failing to differentiate between traditional broadcasting, on-demand cable programming, and online viewing

Efficiently gathering structured and unstructured information from internal and external documents was challenging

The network’s evaluation of campaign effectiveness across all promotion channels was limited by its current technologies


  • Shift from general target audience-based segmentation to micro-segmentation and individualised promotions
  • Construct a unified representation of viewer micro-segments, seamlessly correlating information about viewers’ characteristics across internal and external sources
  • Achieve holistic cross-campaign optimisation and maintain an ideal campaign configuration


  • Deployed micro-segmentation models to improve promotion planning, correlating different programs with detailed segment characteristics to personalise recommendations
  • Assembled a comprehensive Knowledge Graph that captures a rich profile of selected programs and viewer preferences and behaviours, enhanced with information from multiple third-party data sources
  • Configured AI and Data Clustering algorithms to automatically generate program and viewer insights based on defined attributes, relationships and events of interest




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