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Target Generation



  • Surpassing corporate customer acquisition targets, improving new customer average profitability, and exposing previously unknown qualified leads
  • Enabling the bank to achieve a major Digital Transformation leap, by utilising ELEMENT’s revolutionary Schemaless Knowledge Graph Technology
  • Decreasing labour-intensive tasks by a providing process-centric, AI-embedded application

Improvement of lead generation as part of customer acquisition at a world-leading bank, by monetising information available to the bank from internal and external sources



The bank was facing unsatisfactory growth rates from new corporate customers and decided to prioritize the implementation of new outreach and acquisition methods 

Lead generation was based on labour-intensive analyst and relationship manager efforts 

Dependency on human judgement caused biased decision making, lacking statistical accuracy



  • Modernise the bank’s lead generation infrastructure, identifying potential customers by evaluating a multitude of criteria
  • Augment existing data assets with multiple types of external data sources, and create a unique and proprietary universe of companies, people, and relationships
  • Automate prospective customers, allowing a local relationship manager to receive alerts regarding emerging candidate customers


  • Characterised a “Golden Customer” within the system, taking multiple factors into consideration (e.g. customer profitability, size, industry, risk, products used, cost of relationship maintenance, growth potential, etc.)
  • Deployed an AI Candidate Customer Module that automates emerging candidate customer monitoring, letting a local relationship manager receive alerts regarding candidate customers based on a defined population, by evaluating various aspects of these parties, including their attributes or relationships with existing clientele or employees
  • Applied Link Analyses to Knowledge Graphs about existing customers and employees, generating qualified leads and prioritizing acquisition channels



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