Blackswan Technologies revolutionized the data acquisition and monetization market with its breakthrough product Element™ introducing The Intelligence of Everything™

Data is the new natural resource of the world, enabling quick development of a competitive edge. The key lies in realizing the potential embedded within the variety of data, in your organization and outside of it, and extracting it into insights and actions required to drive the organization forward.

Blackswan Technologies helps organizations understand fully that data they already possess, and collect data of any form, from unlimited sources, thus enabling the organization to construct correct decisions at the correct time and ultimately ACT and PREDICT more effectively, aiming to facilitate the creation of COGNITIVE ORGANIZATIONS.

A cognitive organization is one that connects different types of data, changes the way stakeholders like customers, suppliers, users and partners, interact with the data and allows each of them to access information that is relevant to their concerns, in order to answer the most complex business questions, uncover patterns or emerging trends and seek breakthrough ideas that will change your business for the better.

This is the time of a COGNITIVE REVOLOUTION.

BlackSwan's Element enables the organization to access more data, make better use of data, create new business models, enhance communications with organizations' customers and potential customers, detect wrongdoing and manage risk while generating value through the exposure of new revenue sources, trends, Predictions and unrevealed opportunities.

Blackswan Value Proposition

  • Digital - Element digitizes labour intensive analytics process and delivers operational value from day one
  • Actionable - Element provides actionable Intelligence that is dynamically adjusted for engagements
  • Real-time - Real-time capturing of multi-format data including natural language
  • Big-Data Scalable - Unlimited scalability including Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, Value, Visualization
  • Novel Algorithms - Automatic and dynamic process of building a knowledge tree on a specific topic or entity. This is an actual ontology describing entities, properties and relationships